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Welcome to the Summer Staff portal!  

Here you will find updates for Camp Ondessonk summer staff regarding paperwork, training dates, and other information.  Please check back frequently for updates!

Staff Announcements:

  •  *2018 Summer Staff Manual-Coming SOON*  The final page must be signed and returned when you arrive for orientation.*
  • Trying to decide what you need to pack? Staff Info and Packing List
  •  Here is the schedule for each session: 2018 Weekly Schedule
  • And the schedule of Themes for each week of the summer: 2018 Summer Themes

Send all completed forms AND copies of certifications to:

Camp Ondessonk ATTN: Lucia Hodges 3760 Ondessonk Rd. Ozark, IL 62972  or email to  


Training Information:

NEW** If you are working 2nd Half cannot be at Orientation (Due to Finals/School Responsibilities ONLY), you should plan to arrive by Wednesday June 27 for a mini orientation.  This will go from 6/27-6/30 and you will begin second half responsibilities on 7/1. **

LEADERSHIP STAFF Training: Wednesday May 23-Friday May 25.  Leadership staff are ULs, Activity and Service Area Coordinators, etc.

NEW** WILDERNESS FIRST AID: Sunday May 20 @ 8AM-Monday May 21 @ 6PM.  Wilderness First aid is Required  for adventure staff, strongly recommended for Nature staff and ULs.  A great certification for everyone else!  Course is $45 and does NOT include CPR, which is a prerequisite for this course.  

RED CROSS CPR/AED/First Aid: Saturday May 26 @ 9AM. This is a limited enrollment class for those that CANNOT find a CPR/First Aid course PRIOR to arrival at camp.  There are very few spaces available.  I recommend getting your CPR before this if you can.  If you only need to “Challenge” this course, you can do so right before you other activity area training.  $30 for full course.  $20 to challenge.  Checks made payable to Camp Ondessonk.

ALL STAFF ORIENTATION: Sunday May 27 @1pm – Friday June 1 @1PM

OPEN HOUSE AND HOMECOMING: Saturday June 2– This is required for ALL paid staff and for LITs who are working FIRST HALF.  Second half LITs do not need to attend the open house.

Additional Activity Training: Saturday, May 26th 9am-5PM:  Boating Training for Aquatics Staff; Wrangler Training; Nature Training; Challenge Training; Range Training- For activity area staff.

Use this link to tell us when you will be arriving and what trainings you will be attending, if any: LINK COMING IN MAY.  Pre-Orientation training dates listed on the form are for paid staff only, not LITs.

Check in for Orientation & Leadership Training is from 1-3PM on the first day.

Camp Dates:

Session 1 (Coed): Sunday June 3-Saturday June 9

Session 2 (Coed): Sunday June 10- Saturday June 16

Session 3 (Coed): Sunday June 17-Saturday June 23

Session 4 (Boys Week): Sunday June 24-Saturday June 30 *End of First Half*

Session 5 (Coed): Sunday July 1-Saturday July 7 *Start of Second Half*

Session 6 (Girls Week): Sunday July 8-Saturday July 14

Session 7 (Coed): Sunday July 15-Saturday July 21

Session 8 (Coed): Sunday July 22-Saturday July 28

Session 9 (Coed): Sunday July 29-Saturday August 4

Required Paperwork:

  • LITs: Complete Paperwork LIT- 2018
  • Paid Staff UNDER 18: Under 18 Complete paperwork
  • Copies of ALL Current Certifications (CPR/AED, First Aid, Lifeguarding, Wilderness First Aid, etc.)  Here is a link to CPR and First Aid certifications which are accepted by camp:   You must have an exam with an instructor for it to count.
  • If you need CPR/First Aid, you must find a course prior to arriving at camp.  Those that are unable to take a course prior to arrival should contact Greg.  Adult and Child CPR/AED/First Aid is REQUIRED for paid staff, strongly recommended for LITs.
  • If you are over 18 and have already completed the full Diocese Child Protection Training at Camp in a previous year do your refresher course here:  The refresher course is called “Bullying Approaches and Policies”.  Send us your certificate of completion along with the rest of your paperwork.
  • Prior to Orientation, all staff should complete this online training:
  • All Tax forms will be required to be completed through Paycor, your online paycheck provider.  You will receive an email asking you to login to the system with sensitive information like your social security number. This is how you will be able to view your paychecks. If you don’t create a login, you will still be paid, but you won’t be able to see your final pay amount every 2 weeks.  If you have questions about Paycor, please let me know.
  • Staff will be required to present appropriate identification in order to verify your I-9 form.  Proper forms of ID include: 1. Passport 2. Driver’s license AND Social Security Card or 3. Driver’s license AND Birth Certificate.
  • If you are bringing a car, you will need to know your Make, Model, and License Plate # when you arrive.

Send all completed forms AND copies of certifications to:

Camp Ondessonk ATTN: Lucia Hodges 3760 Ondessonk Rd. Ozark, IL 62972  or email to

Professional Development:  Check out these opportunities prior to Camp!

Staff- Take advantage of a full year of American Camp Association Membership for free. Now is the time for them to join! Benefits include a free ACA webinar, a 40% discount on Chaco products, and more. The only requirement is that you must be new to the ACA.  If you took advantage of this offer last year, you will need to renew your membership at the student rate.
Join Link:


Wilderness First Aid Course:  This year we will NOT be offering WFA at camp.  A Wilderness Medicine Certification (WFA/WAFA/WFR)is REQUIRED for Adventure Staff and STRONGLY ENCOURAGED for Nature, Wranglers, Unit Leaders and Everyone Else.

Other places to find wilderness medicine courses: SOLO, WMI, WMA.

Aquatics Courses:

  • Click here for more information on upcoming Lifeguard certifications in Carbondale.
  • John A Logan is offering a Lifeguard course beginning April 26th.  Info can be found here.  
  • Check here for Lifeguard Certifications near Belleville and O’Fallon, IL.
  • Click here for American Canoe Association courses all over the country.

Here are other camps offering certifications (LG, CPR, First Aid) all over the country.

Staff Announcements:  Check back often to see what’s new!

  • STAFF Family Visit Day will be Friday July 6.  Parents may arrive as early as 1:30PM on Friday for Tug and may stay through dinner and/or the Closing Campfire.  Lodging is available in Units or at St. Noel for an additional fee.  RSVP BELOW
  • Staff Parent Night RSVP

    Please RSVP to visit during Staff parent night at Camp Ondessonk. Parents and family members of staff are invited to come to camp beginning at 1:30PM on Friday 7/6/2018. Overnight lodging options are available on a first-come, first-served basis. All family are asked to check in at the St. Noel Office upon arrival.
    • Select all that apply
    • Lodging is available in open camper units or Dorms at no charge. St. Noel Lodging is available for a fee of $25 per person for Friday night only. St. Noel rooms may be shared with other individuals. They include multiple bunk beds, air conditioning, private bath and internet access.
    • Please describe any additional requests or circumstances, or if a different amount of people will be staying for different events. We look forward to having you here!


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