Power in Sharing

Power in Sharing

Power in Sharing

GivingTuesday.org, the organization that unites communities around the world in the spirit of generosity, recently released an article highlighting the benefits of sharing acts of generosity on digital platforms.

The article describes how using social media to share positive information about the organizations you support can encourage others to support non-profit organizations and causes. It explains, “Sharing your acts of generosity on digital platforms can have a profound impact. From inspiring others to fostering a culture of giving and sparking important conversations, sharing your kindness online can be a force for positive change.”

GivingTuesday.org identified ten reasons they believe you should post acts of generosity.

  • It amplifies the impact.
  • It builds social norms.
  • It helps spread awareness.
  • It fosters accountability + transparency.
  • It inspires reciprocal behavior.
  • It builds community and combats isolation.
  • It catalyzes solidarity and collective action.
  • It helps change perceptions + broadens horizons.
  • It challenges the status quo.
  • It can call out the root causes of inequity.

Learn more about how you can help spread generosity by reading the full article, https://www.givingtuesday.org/blog/the-transformative-power-of-shared-moments-10-reasons-to-share-your-generosity-online-and-offline/.  

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