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Medical Care & Nutrition

If you have not yet received an email invitation with a username and a password to upload your child’s medical information, please contact registration@ondessonk.com

The Camp Ondessonk Health Center

The Camp Ondessonk Health Center is centrally located in the main area of camp and is stocked with first aid supplies and emergency medical equipment. A staff member with advanced medical training is on-duty 24 hours a day. A licensed medical professional is on site daily and a Medical Doctor is on call at all times when campers are on-site. In the event that your child would need medical care while at Camp Ondessonk, your insurance would be billed by the medical facility. Camp has accident coverage (up to $2,500) that is secondary to your insurance coverage. Sickness that would or could occur without relation to camp will be given medical treatment, but will not be covered by camp insurance. In all cases, parents will be contacted if their child needs the care of a physician, a hospital visit, or if they spend the night in the Health Center.


Prior to Arrival

At least 4 weeks prior to arrival at camp, please log into your account and complete all medical-related items required to participate.  This includes:

  • Camper Medical Questionnaire:  located in the FORMS/Online Forms section of the dashboard.
  • Over the Counter Authorization:  located in the MEDICAL section of the dashboard.  Be sure to click the dropdown and select the appropriate camp session.
  • Prescription Medications (if applicable):  located in the MEDICAL section of the dashboard.  Be sure to click the dropdown and select the appropriate camp session.
  • Medical Physical:  Any form signed by a physician and dated within the last 12 months is acceptable.  Upload it to your account in the FORMS/Upload section of the dashboard.  You are also welcome to email it to registration@ondessonk.com or fax it to 618-695-3593.
  • Immunization Record: 
  • Upload it to your account in the FORMS/Upload section of the dashboard.  You are also welcome to email it to registration@ondessonk.com or fax it to 618-695-3593.

Arrival Day 

On arrival day, all parents and campers must check-in with Health Center personnel at the screening station in the Old Camp Dining Hall to participate in a cursory health interview which will include temperature checks and a head screening. To provide a safe and healthy environment for all campers, children with a temperature of 100 degrees F. or higher and/or flu-like symptoms will be asked to return home, and arrangements will be made to participate in a different session.


All camper medications (prescription and over-the-counter) and vitamins will be kept in the Health Center for the duration of the camper’s stay. Parents should send at least a 9-day supply of your child’s medication. If your child has asthma, please send two albuterol rescue inhalers, one to be kept in the Health Center, and one to be kept with your child’s Unit Leader.

IMPORTANT: ALL medications, including over the counter meds, MUST BE in the original container. We CANNOT administer medications not in their original packaging.

Additional Medical Care Information
Poison Ivy, mosquitoes, and ticks are common at camp. Campers are advised to wear repellent and appropri­ate clothing when necessary, and mosquito netting is available at the Trading Post. If the Health Center Staff believes that a health risk has occurred that may require attention after the camper leaves camp, you will be contacted prior to your arrival for camper pick-up


Camp Ondessonk food-service is under the supervision of our full time licensed Food Service Director, Dru Kee.  All food service employees are trained in accordance with the Illinois State Board of Health and the FDA.  We are devoted to serving healthy meals away from home, while staying away from institutional food.

Almost everything is made from scratch at Camp Ondessonk making our food unlike anywhere else.  Fresh fruit is available at both breakfast and lunch, and a fresh salad bar is available at dinner, both featuring local area produce. All food is brought in fresh several times a week, and our locally-made Saturday morning donuts come in just in time to serve both children and parents.  Our meals are served family style with at least one staff member at every table in our temperature controlled dining hall.

We can accommodate several allergies. If your child is a vegetarian we have vegetarian options at every meal for children who have notified us that they will be needing vegetarian food ahead of time.  Please contact our Food Service Director, Dru Kee, to make us aware of any dairy or gluten allergies before your child comes to camp, so we can accommodate your child’s needs easier. Please note: all food allergies and intolerance need to be put on their health form.  No child at Camp Ondessonk will go without a meal.  We try to keep the food similar from one child to the other despite allergies and special dietary needs.

Here at Camp Ondessonk your child will enjoy healthy meal choices with restaurant quality. Outside of the kitchen we also prepare a trail ready lunch, a hamburger dinner cooked over an open fire, a cold cut picnic lunch, and our famous pulled pork sandwiches.  Questions about Camp Ondessonk food service are always welcomed.

Dru Kee, Food Service Director

Email: dru.kee@ondessonk.com

Phone: 618.695.2489 x144

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