Packing for Camp

Packing for Camp

Packing for Camp

Packing for Camp OndessonkPacking wisely can help ensure a good camp experience. Please make sure that spending money, medicines, swimsuit and towel are packed on top for easy access during registration. Make sure to pack old, comfortable clothes for your week. Keep in mind that no laundry service is available to campers and that units do not have electricity. Below is a suggested list of what to bring. Please pack according to your own child’s needs. (6 day supply for week-long programs, 3 day for halfweek programs) Click Here for all Adventure camp packing lists. Items with * may be available at the Trading Post.

Packing lists provide the essentials campers will need during their stay at Camp Ondessonk.

Camp Ondessonk Traditional Camp Packing List

Adventure Camp Comprehensive Packing List

General Packing List

• Medications in original containers
• 5 T-shirts*
• 3-4 Pairs shorts
• 2 Pairs long pants
• Long sleeve shirt*
• Underwear for 6 days PLUS extras
• PLENTY of Socks- Tall socks are best.
• Pajamas
• Jacket
• Comfortable, closed toed shoes for hiking and horseback riding.
• 2 additional pairs of old sneakers
• Poncho / Raincoat*
• Modest swimsuit– one piece or tankini (no bikinis please)
• Pillow
• Twin Sheet
• Sleeping Bag or 2-3 Old Blankets
• Towels- Bath towel and beach towel
• 2 reusable water bottles- 32oz each*
• Bug repellent*
• Insect netting and pushpins for hanging.*
• Sun Block*
• Hat with a brim*
• Flashlight & Batteries*
• Old Watch
• Day pack / Back pack*
• Shampoo*
• Soap and travel container
• Deodorant
• Comb, Brush
• Toothbrush & Toothpaste*
• 2 Trash bags for clothing that may get poison ivy contamination


• Camera*
• Laundry bag
• Flip flops for showering
• Fishing gear
• Stationary & pre-stamped/pre-addressed envelopes or postcards*

Click here for a downloadable copy of the packing list.

Additional Notes All clothing should be appropriately modest and not reference drugs, alcohol, sex, or profanity. Personal hygiene, applying bug spray and sun block is camper’s own responsibility. ALL CLOTHING, GEAR AND LUGGAGE SHOULD BE MARKED WITH THE CAMPER’S NAME USING NAME TAGS OR PERMENANT PEN. Every item must be in closed, durable bags. Remember that campers will be responsible for hauling their own luggage on Saturday, so please pack accordingly. Camp Ondessonk is not be responsible for lost or stolen property. Campers belongings may be subject to search if the health or safety of other campers or staff indicates the need.

Please DO NOT bring to camp: FOOD & DRINKS, CELL PHONES, radios, stereos, laser pointers, ipods, firearms, matches, knives, electronic games or fireworks. Items on this list will be confiscated. Expensive jewelry or clothing are not recommended. Absolutely no tobacco, drugs, alcohol or graffiti will be tolerated, and will likely result in dismissal at the discretion of the Director.


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