Ondessonk Horse Camps

Ondessonk Horse Camps

Ondessonk Horse Camps offer a variety of benefits for participants, both physical and mental. Riding horses provides a great workout, improving balance, coordination, and core strength. Spending time outdoors and interacting with animals can also reduce stress and promote mental well-being. Ondessonk Horse Camps provide a unique opportunity to learn about horse care, grooming, and stable management. Additionally, campers can develop teamwork and leadership skills while working with their peers to care for the horses. Overall, horse camp is a fun and rewarding experience that offers numerous benefits for people of all ages.

Horse Camp Ages 12-15, Beginner

Horse Camp is designed for campers looking for an equine-specific camp experience. Campers get to enjoy trail rides through our pastures and forested trails, arena lessons improving upon position and riding technique, and will ride to their overnight spot at Durbin’s Barn. All riding levels are welcome from the first ride to experienced riders. Weight limit of 225lbs for rider and horse safety. Frontcountry, On-Camp Adventure

Advanced Horse Camp Ages 13-16, Intermediate Advanced Horse Camp is designed for the horse camper who is proficient at trotting or has previous Horse Camp sessions under their belt. Advanced Horse campers live in the barn, work closely with one horse for the entire week, and participate in multiple mounted and ground lessons every day. In addition to this, they get to ride their horses to the overnight spot at Durbin’s Barn. Weight Limit of 225lbs for rider and horse safety. Frontcountry, On and Off-Camp Adventure

Horse Adventure Ages 13-16, Advanced

Horse Adventure is designed for campers interested in exploring the scenic backcountry trails of the Shawnee National Forest on horseback. It offers the perfect opportunity to expand and develop horsemanship and outdoor skills. Throughout their adventure, campers will be taking care of the horses, setting up the campsite, cooking meals, relaxing around the campfire, and may have the opportunity to explore creeks and swimming holes. It is required that campers have previous horseback trail experience, including mild to moderately technical trails. Weight Limit of 225lbs for rider and horse safety. Backcountry, On and Off-Camp Adventure

Ondessonk Horse Camps


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