Multi-Council Work Weekend Spotlight

Multi-Council Work Weekend Spotlight

By Emily Reider

The March Multi-Council Work Weekend included Lodge Members from the Evansville, Tri-State, Metro East, and Chicago Councils. Mags Harness of the Evansville Council led the organizing of this event. The Lodge members did great work all around Camp, and even though it snowed Friday they maintained great attitudes in helping with their work projects. Many trails were cleared in preparation for the upcoming Spring season, such as the Low Challenge trail and all trails leading to the Dining Hall from Camp. The fabulous crew used leaf blowers, rakes, and even their feet to clear fallen leaves around the main area and Old Dining Hall in addition to a thorough clearing of debris from underneath the Staff Lounge porch. A small group of members also put together a mailing to go out approximately 1,300 current and former summer staff that will be promoting the Memorabilia Auction upcoming in September of this year. Once their work was complete, Lodge members were able to have some fun participating in Handicrafts and shopping at the Trading Post. The weekend included a traditional foil dinner, and Mass was held in the chapel for all those in attendance. Overall, the Multi-Council Work Weekend was a huge success and Camp is looking ready for the season thanks to the hard work of dedicated Lodge members.

Volunteering at Camp Ondessonk holds immeasurable importance as it directly contributes to the creation of life-changing experiences for young individuals. The dedication and time that volunteers invest amplify the camp’s mission of fostering personal growth, self-confidence, and a profound connection to the natural world. Through their guidance, mentorship, and shared passion for outdoor adventure, volunteers become pivotal role models, helping campers develop crucial life skills, forge lasting friendships, and discover their true potential. The impact of Multi-Council Work Weekend extends beyond the immediate camp experience, influencing campers’ attitudes, values, and perspectives for years to come. By devoting their time and energy to Camp Ondessonk, volunteers not only enhance the program’s success but also contribute to a legacy of empowerment, inspiration, and the cultivation of a vibrant, supportive community.

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