Attention Mini Camper Parents!

We are excited to have you back tomorrow morning to pick up your campers after 3 awesome days of camp.  Due to construction on our parking lot, we will be changing our pickup routine for Wednesday morning.  Mini Camper Pickup will now begin at 8:30AM at the Dining Hall.  There will be signs directing you to the dining hall from the main road and you will be able to meet your campers there between 8:30 and 9:30AM.  When you arrive, park close to the dining hall.  You will have to exit out the one-way entrance to the St. Noel Conference Center.  Please use caution when driving to and from the dining hall and be aware of 2-way traffic.


To help things go as smoothly as possible, remember these camper pick-up tips:

  • Bring  your driver’s license with you to show your camper’s unit leader.  The person picking up must be listed on the drivers license pick-up list provided during registration.
  • Be sure to get all medication and camper care notes from the unit leader.
  • You must exchange any remaining Barter Bucks back into cash before you leave camp.  This will be done at the Dining Hall.  Barter bucks are void once they leave camp, and they are non-transferrable.
  • Check for all items, even those that are no longer in the original luggage.  Campers often leave behind shoes, pillows, bags of dirty laundry, and other things that were no longer packed inside the suitcase as they were when they arrived.


I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.  Please give me a call if you have any questions about the pickup procedure.


Alissa Hollmann

Camping Services Director

618.695.2489  ext. 104


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