Meet the New Equestrian Director- Sara Oviatt

Meet the New Equestrian Director- Sara Oviatt

By Emma O’Brien

Q:  Where are you from originally?

A:  I grew up in Spencer, Iowa.  Since college, I’ve spent time in Colorado and New Jersey.  I like to move around and meet new people and explore new places.  I can’t wait to explore Southern Illinois.

Q:  What was your favorite job before now?

A:  I’ve done almost every job possible at camp in my 12 summers at various camps and my favorite was Arts and Crafts.  I don’t consider myself very creative or artsy, but I loved that job a lot.  My favorite craft projects were pretzel art, tie dye, and paper making.

Q:  How long did it take you to be able to spell Ondessonk without thinking about it?

A:  I could spell Ondessonk right away.  I still can’t spell Illinois right on the first try though!

Q:  What’s your favorite horse so far?

A:  My favorite horse so far is probably Fitzgerald.  He always wants to stick his head in the door and say hello.

Q:  If you were a superhero, what would your title be? 

A:  Not sure what my superhero name would be.  Like I said-I’m not very creative.  I usually need friends to help me pick out my Halloween costume.

Q:  What’s the best season?

A:  The best season is fall.  The weather is great, there’s a lot to do, and there is time to relax and unwind after summer camp.   My favorite day of the year is probably the very first day it snows!  I love it!

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