Lucia’s Corner- Reflections on Why

Lucia’s Corner- Reflections on Why

The weight of winter, of aging, and of so many challenges in the lives of friends and family bring me to my knees.  In His name, as I ask for grace and mercy, I question how and why I have been brought to this place, this Ondessonk.  As I wander through LeCouer, past Lake Saint Isaac, and down to Lake Echon, a weak glimpse of sunlight breaks through the frozen air.  A silent Heepwah slips past my lips.  I know the origin of this word, but its meaning has long ago surpassed the intent of the originator.  It is in God’s hands now, just as Ondessonk is.

I have my answer. I’ve been called here to love.  Faces of brothers and sisters in our Ondessonk Family, given to me over so many years, flash through my mind.  The enormity of this gift of so many precious souls is staggering.  Love with me.  Live the Heepwah!


Camp Ondessonk Covered Bridge Lucia's Corner


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