Jana Elbe: Love at First Sight — Volunteer Spotlight

Jana Elbe: Love at First Sight — Volunteer Spotlight

Jana Elbe: Love at First Sight -- Volunteer Spotlight

By Elizabeth Dirnbeck

Jana Elbe first discovered Camp Ondessonk at 11 years old when her neighborhood friends invited her to hike and explore Camp. During that weekend, she recalls the first time she crossed the old swinging bridge and quickly falling in love with the beauty of Camp. Over time, Jana’s love for Camp has blossomed into a passion that she shares with her friends and family!

Jana began volunteering at Camp Ondessonk when she registered her kids for a Summer Camp session and decided to volunteer in the Trading Post. Since Jana did not get the opportunity to attend Camp as a camper, she wanted to get a feel for Camp with campers present. Jana said that her first experience volunteering could only be described as, “amazing and energizing.” These days, you can find Jana volunteering as a Camp host during Camp’s Education and Recreation season, as well as at Family Camps and fundraising events.

Hooked by Camp’s energy and the feeling of belonging to the Camp Family, Jana explained that she continues to stay involved with Camp so that other people can experience the impact that Camp has had in her life. Jana’s favorite Camp memory is the overall feeling of seeing her family grow. She noted, “I watched my kids grow up with Camp being a major part of their lives, but now I am watching my grandkids grow into Camp.” Jana’s son, Devon, was highly involved with Camp before he passed away. Although this was a trying time for the Elbe family, Jana found support in her Camp Family when all the kids and young adults wore Camp shirts to Devon’s service. Jana noted that, “Camp is a big part of our family – through life and death.”

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While at Camp, Jana often sits in silence to reflect on all the beauty that Camp has to offer. She feels that the most important work of Camp Ondessonk is the opportunity it provides Campers to find beauty in their surroundings, to grow as individuals, and to learn new skills. One of Jana’s favorite sights at Camp is the view of the night sky. She explained, “You can see the stars at Camp like nowhere else.” Jana invites everyone in her life to experience the beauty of Camp and to find out for themselves why Camp is such a huge part of her life.

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