Inspired to Provide for Camp’s Future

Inspired to Provide for Camp’s Future

Driven by her grandparents, Greg and Louise Haselhorst, Camp Ondessonk has remained a special part of Dana Weh’s life. “They both loved Camp, and their love for Ondessonk rubbed off on me,” she shared.  “They were constant volunteers while I was a camper and staff member, and I loved watching them interact with everyone.”

Inspired to Provide for Camp’s Future
Greg and Louise Haselhorst Camp Ondessonk
Greg and Louise Haselhorst

Their dedication to Camp, the campers served, and others who are similarly committed to the organization continues to drive Dana to be an active part of our Camp Community. Now an active volunteer, Dana was a camper in 1981 until 1984, Counselor-In-Training in 1985, and staff member during the summers of 1986 through 1989. She highlighted, “My love for Camp and my lifelong friends I have made at Camp motivate me to stay involved.  I love to come to Camp as often as I can and it always feels like I’m coming home.”

Inspired to Provide for Camp’s Future
Haselhorst and Weh Family at Camp Ondessonk at the covered bridge.

Dana explained, “I want to ensure that Camp is around for many years to come and that every child who wants to come to Camp has the opportunity to do so.” By including Camp Ondessonk in her estate plans, Dana helps ensure Camp’s future and is recognized as a member of the Le Coeur Society.

Dana Weh Camp Ondessonk

We are thankful to Dana and all the members of the Le Coeur Society who have committed legacy gifts to preserve Camp Ondessonk for future generations. If you have included Camp Ondessonk in your estate plans, please complete this Le Coeur Society Letter of Intent to be recognized as a member of the Le Coeur Society.


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