Horse enjoys new life at Camp Ondessonk

Horse enjoys new life at Camp Ondessonk

In March, Camp Ondessonk welcomed a new horse, Havi, to the herd.  The 14-year-old grade paint mare was purchased with funds provided by the Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation after months of rehabilitation at a rescue facility in Owensboro, Kentucky.

Horse enjoys new life at Camp Ondessonk  Havi the Horse

Havi’s journey to Camp Ondessonk began last July when she was found severely underweight and abandoned in a pasture without food or water.  Knowing she had a long road ahead when she arrived at the rescue, they gave her the name “Havi,” meaning “new life” in Hebrew, with the hope she would make a full recovery.  After multiple visits to the ICU, she was able to begin her rehabilitation.

Once she reached a proper weight, the organization focused on building her trust in humanity and restoring her physical strength.  The horse who had been through so much quickly showed her sweet disposition and love for children.  During her rehabilitation, she was used for riding lessons and learned to go through obstacle courses, was taken on trail rides, and was even guided around an arena by a young girl. 

Havi has settled into her new life as part of Camp’s herd.  She’s known for running to the fence when called and is happy for attention. We are excited that Havi will enjoy lots of attention from campers this summer!

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