Fall Family Camp by Alissa Hollmann

Fall Family Camp by Alissa Hollmann

The first signs of fall have arrived at camp.  The Poison Ivy and Virginia Creeper vines are changing color first, as they often do.  The water is little chillier and there are constellations in the night sky we haven’t seen in awhile.  Camp is coming into it’s prime; the ideal time of year to enjoy the warmth of an evening fire, sleep outside snuggled in a sleeping bag, and hike the beautiful forest surrounding this place.  Right in the middle of this fall beauty is Fall Family Camp.  This is a perfect time to bring the entire family together to enjoy the beauty around them and each other’s company.

What makes Family Camp Special?

Family Camp has always been my favorite time working at camps because there are kids showing their parents around, parents showing grandparents around, and new future campers who get to be a part of things before they are even old enough for summer camp.  Family Camp is not just family time at Camp Ondessonk.  It’s a collection of activity options that you just won’t have at any other time.  We want families to be able to take advantage of every moment at camp, so we’ll fill activity blocks with all kinds of unique experiences.  I’m planning some really fun whole-camp activities.  We’ll have a campfire, of course, so bring your song and skit ideas.  Costumes are also welcome!  We’re also planning a mini-marathon, crazy handicrafts projects that will be used later in the weekend, special camp meals and a first-annual wacky camp competition that will rely on a variety of talents. I am so excited!

You may be wondering: How is Family Camp different than Summer Camp?

Family Camp is fun for everyone, not just kids!  Like summer camp, we eat our meals in the dining hall, have a campfire program, sing crazy songs and have activities throughout the day and evening.  Unlike summer camp, areas are open throughout the day and you are free to choose what you want to do all weekend long.  Stay at handicrafts all day?  Sure!  Hang in the unit until 10am?  Why not!  You may also wish to bring your own activities, bikes, lawn games or fishing poles, or take a hike on your own.  It is up to you how you choose to spend your day.  Another difference is that there are no counselors in the units and you are responsible for your children at all times.  Staff will be present to run activities and to help with any emergencies, but will not be available to babysit.

When is this happening and how do I sign up?

This year, we are lucky to have Family Camp over a long weekend!  Fall Family Camp is Friday October 10th through Monday October 13th.  Columbus Day is on the 13th and families have the option to stay until Sunday or Monday based on their schedule.    Registration forms can be found at our website: https://ondessonk.com/event/family-camp-weekend/  but the deadline is Friday October 3, so get them in soon!


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