Camp Hit the Jackpot at “A Night in Las Vegas!”

Camp Hit the Jackpot at “A Night in Las Vegas!”

After betting on the rat races, spinning the big wheel and hitting the blackjack table, 310 high rollers raised their paddles high to support Camp at our 2015 Gala and Auction, held at the Sheraton Four Points in Fairview Heights Illinois on March 7th.

The results were spectacular! The returns are still early, but the profit from “A Night in Las Vegas” promises to exceed $74,000, more than double the success of Camp’s “Night in Margaritaville” Gala and Auction in 2013.

Camp Ondessonk Gala Beth Keserauskis and Mia CilanoThe highlight of the evening was the “Fund a Need” auction, which raised over $25,000 for Camp’s special building projects including the new Msgr. Fournie Mini Camp Village, our new Brebeuf Flats Shower House (breaking ground this fall), the new rifle range pavilion, and many more smaller projects to be completed in 2015. The cheers during “Fund a Need” pledges were loud and wild, raising everyone’s spirits high.

Bidders felt the electricity throughout the night, as they battled over popular auction items in the silent auction and in “Caesar’s Palace.” The silent auction raised more than $21,000, while the popular “Cabin Fever” raised $6,400 in about 5 minutes – an auction record.

The night didn’t end with the auction. A huge crowd stayed to dance to music provided by Funetics, featuring board member Tip Belz on the guitar and harmonica and guest Joe Camel on vocals.

Heepwah to the Gala Committee (led by our energetic chairperson Louise McMinn), all the gala night volunteers, and all the guests who made this party a success! Check out all the gala photos at Facebook.com/Ondessonk.

You can still be part of the “Night in Las Vegas!”  Just visit Support.Ondessonk.com to make your gift, or contact Camp for more information about our “Fund a Need” building projects and more.


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