1980’s Reunion Scheduled for Spring 2017

1980’s Reunion Scheduled for Spring 2017

1980's Reunion Scheduled for Spring 20171980’s Reunion Scheduled for Spring 2017

Think back to a decade when hair was much bigger, John Paul II was in his first decade as Pope, Reagan was President (most of the decade), Prince became King, and parachute pants were commonly worn by people with no plans to jump from an airplane.  1980 through 1989 was a period of growth, transition, and renewal for Camp Ondessonk.  If you experienced this stretch of Ondessonk history, you know Camp Spirit and we need you to return to celebrate the decade… with or without your Aqua Net brand hairspray; it’s really up to you.

Scheduled for Friday, May 5th through Sunday, May 7th, the 1980’s reunion is open to campers, volunteers, donors, staff members, and anyone else involved in Camp Ondessonk during the decade (or thereabouts – we won’t be checking ID cards).  In fact, you are welcome to attend if you merely like 80’s music but weren’t even born until the 1990s.

Please help spread the word of this family friendly event to your camp friends.  Activity areas will be open for kids and adults, glowing of campfires will surround Lake Echon, great food will be served, and many faces will undoubtedly hurt from smiling.  Please register at Ondessonk.com or give us a call to request a mailed registration form.

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