Scott and Cindy Wobbe: Full Circle – Volunteer Spotlight

Scott and Cindy Wobbe: Full Circle – Volunteer Spotlight

Scott and Cindy Wobbe Full Circle – Volunteer Spotlight (800 x 600 px)

By Elizabeth Dirnbeck

Scott and Cindy Wobbe attended Camp Ondessonk as campers in the late 1970s, but their journey with Camp did not stop there. The Wobbes have come full circle as they have experienced Camp as campers, camper parents, volunteers, Lodge Members, and members of various boards and committees. Both Scott and Cindy attribute their motivation to stay involved with Camp, not only to the campers and staff, but to each other as well.

Scott and Cindy Wobbe: Full Circle – Volunteer Spotlight -  In the dining hall kitchen with Camp Ondessonk Summer Staff

The Wobbes began volunteering at Camp in the 2010s when Scott became an assistant unit leader, as he was hooked by the opportunity to serve Camp, help staff members, and relive his days as a camper. Cindy supported this involvement by saying, “It’s the perfect job for you because you’re the biggest kid I know.” As time went on, Cindy joined in at Camp as a volunteer, trying several different activity areas, until finding her home in Maintenance. Cindy’s favorite memory of Camp is the day that Ranger Mike Jennings challenged Cindy and another volunteer with the task of cleaning out the sand trap for the sewage system by removing all the weeds and small trees. Despite the unusual request, Cindy had a lot of laughs with the other volunteers as they completed the job. Looking back on this day of volunteering Scott remarked, “If you can’t get inspired by your wife wearing rubber boots and elbow high rubber gloves cleaning out a sewer pit of growth and wanting to give you a hug after, you may not be human.”

Scott and Cindy Wobbe: Full Circle – Volunteer Spotlight-  Cindy Wobbe with Mike Jennings

Both Scott and Cindy feel that the most important work of Camp is the lasting impact that Camp provides to all who attend. Cindy noted that “it [Camp] provides campers a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day normal activities and take in the nature and the beauty of Camp that is a gift from God.” Furthermore, Scott explained, “Camp promotes leadership and allows individual growth for all who attend.”

Scott recalls that his favorite memory of Camp is the day that a Camper came to him to thank him for his support of Camp. The camper told Scott that he watched how he served the campers and noticed his genuine concern for every camper in their unit. Once again coming full circle, that camper went on to become a staff member so that he could pass on the love for Camp that he experienced with and through Scott.

Scott and Cindy Wobbe: Full Circle – Volunteer Spotlight.  Scott Wobbe cheering on his unit during tug of war at Camp Ondessonk

“Volunteering at Camp gives you a sense of accomplishment and opportunity to explore and learn new things and allows you to give back to the community and profess your faith in a different, non-traditional way,” Scott explained. From Camp’s year-round beauty to the relationships and memories that last a lifetime, Camp has something for everyone. The Wobbes encourage everyone to give Camp a try, even if it is just for a day, as contributions to Camp are an investment in the future of our youth’s spiritual, mental, and physical well-being.

Scott and Cindy Wobbe: Full Circle – Volunteer Spotlight.  Scott Wobbe taking a swim at Camp Ondessonk.

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