Meet Your 2023-2024 Lodge Officials  

Meet Your 2023-2024 Lodge Officials  

Meet Your 2023-2024 Lodge Officials Camp Ondessonk

The 2023-2024 Lodge Officials are excited to work together in support of Camp Ondessonk and the Loyal Lodge of Ondessonk & Tekawitha. The Senior Lodge Officials for the upcoming year are Katie Dutton and Tom Unkraut, with Molly Braskich and Nick Sanders as Lodge Officials. 

Before becoming a Senior Lodge Official, Katie Dutton served as a Chicago Council Official and a 2022-2023 Lodge Official. She sought the leadership position, hoping to continue the work that’s been done by Lodge Officials in recent years. “Being able to work more closely on the Summer Ceremony and on continuing to grow the worldwide network of Lodge Members are key priorities of mine.” Katie continued, “I’m so excited to see the work our team will be able to accomplish!” 

Tom Unkraut has also joined the ranks of Senior Lodge Officials. During the summers, Tom has served in roles such as unit support staff and unit leader. Tom was inducted into Lodge in 2016 and volunteers in support of Camp Ondessonk at many events, including Spring and Fall Lodge Events.  

Like Katie, Tom is eager to work with his fellow Officials in support of Camp Ondessonk and Lodge. Tom explained, “I am looking forward to empowering the newly elected officials. Nick and Molly are both incredible people, and I am so proud to see both of them stepping into this role. I have been fortunate enough to watch the two of them develop as staff members, and now I have the opportunity to work closely with them on one of Camp’s most impactful programs.” 

After completing her third summer on staff, Molly Braskich is in her first year as a Lodge Official and is very excited to take on the role. “Being in Lodge means giving back to a place that has been extremely influential in my life.” Molly explained, “Reunions and work weekends have always stood out as one of my favorite parts of being a Lodge Member. I love how Lodge is a tie between my younger brothers, my cousin, my friends, and those I admire. Camp gives us a world of good, and I’m thankful I can put that good energy right back into Camp.” 

She was inducted into Lodge in 2018 and has remained an active member, serving as a Chicago Council Official and regularly attending Spring and Fall Lodge Reunions. Before joining the summer staff, Molly participated in Camp’s Online C.I.T. program in 2020 and was a summer camper prior to that. 

Nick Sanders is in his first year as a Lodge Official and is excited to be in a leadership role during the upcoming year. Since being inducted in 2017, Lodge has been a special part of Nick’s life. “I am in Lodge to fulfill the mission of Camp Ondessonk. At its core, Lodge is about giving back and building community, and I’m beyond proud to be able to lead these efforts this coming year.” Nick highlighted, “I cannot wait to work with Molly, Katie, and Tom to serve Camp O and everyone involved.” 

This summer, Nick worked on the nature staff for the first time after enjoying Camp Ondessonk as a camper and taking part in the C.I.T. program.  

You can contact the 2023-2024 Lodge Officials by emailing them at lodge@ondessonk.com, or by following Lodge activities on Facebook or Instagram.  


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