Lost & Found Advice

Lost & Found Advice

Camp Ondessonk Lost & Found Lucia Hodges

Why have I continued to manage “Lost & Found” for the past 30 years? Rewards for my efforts come in the form of copious thanks, joy and relief in a voice, or the smile on a camper’s face when a lost item is returned. Four out of five (80%) lost items that were requested were found and returned this summer.

  • Cookie Monster PJ bottoms found after eight months in Health Center storage.
  • Pillow Pet Horse purchased at the Trading Post for a little sister.
  • A pair of rainbow-colored Crocs (found in two different places at different times) Camper’s quote, “I really love these shoes.”
  • Staff member’s silver necklace, “This is the second one I’ve lost.”
  • A red backpack stolen by a raccoon from a Daniel cabin; found when the ground cover died out.     
  • Baby Doll – mini camper’s companion since infancy. Happy tears were shed when this one was reported found.
  • Prescription glasses, mailed out just yesterday.
  • 14 backpacks and 12 laundry bags with entire summer wardrobes were among the literally hundreds of items left weekly and returned.

I’m hoping the following “Lost & Found” advice will be helpful to campers and parents.

  1. Don’t allow your camper to bring “precious” items.
  2. Put camper’s name on EVERYTHING you want to come home.
  3. Don’t use trash bags for dirty laundry. Use a mesh bag.
  4. Emailed photos of lost items to help in identification.
  5. Check lost and found pavilion before leaving Camp on Saturday.

Here’s to fewer lost and found requests in 2024! Happy to serve! Heepwah! 

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