Category: Ondessonk History

Anchors Away, Campers!

By Pati Egan In 1969, Camp added what promised to be an exciting new activity – sailing! The sail boating area was right next to the Garner Bridge. This seemed…
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Let’s go RETRO! Stripes or Solids?

By Pati Egan Unit shirts have a history all their own!  It seems that until the mid-1980s Camp shirts came in many varieties, shapes, and colors.  Camp would make a…
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A Slam Dunk and a Heepwah

By Kristin Marie Bivens Ozark, IL: If you have seen John Hughes’s 1985 classic The Breakfast Club, you might remember a slam dunk and a “Heepwah!” In the iconic film,…
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Boondoggle at Handicrafts

By Kristin Marie Bivens Ozark, IL: Depending where you are in the United States, plastic lacing is also known as craft lace, Gimp, or lanyard. At Camp Ondessonk, it is…
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