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Travel Back in Time To 1973…

By Pati Egan If we dropped a unit of campers at Camp Ondessonk in 1973, what would their experience be like? First, we would need to get them the right…
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From a Red Lodge Sash to a Red Bandana

By Pati Egan A True Hero and Lodge Member – 1st Lt. Larry A. Garner There is today, in the United States Army, a group of soldiers who can claim…
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International Staff Member Keeps Camp O Close to His Heart

Many campers and staff travel far from home when they come to Camp Ondessonk, but few traveled as far as Jesus Villate did when he was on staff. Known as…
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Camp’s Scholarship Fund Receives Gifts from Metro St. Louis-Area Organizations

Two organizations generously supported Camp Ondessonk’s Scholarship Fund to help children in the Metro Area enjoy a week in the woods. The first, Blueprint4, is a St. Louis-based group that…
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Kids Benefit from Spending Time in Nature- Camp Ondessonk

Kids Benefit from Spending Time in Nature

A recent report released by the Child Mind Institute confirms a long-held belief of many in the Camp Community:  Kids benefit from spending time outdoors. Researchers agree that while the…
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Aquatics Adventure Camp 1992 – Coffee, Donuts, and the Wabash River

Canoeing on the Wabash River was both fun and challenging. The original staff were Suzy (Munn) Mahoney, Jen (Jansen) Brennan, and the late Joe Bushue.

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