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Why Attend an Ondessonk Retreat?

The Mission of Camp Ondessonk is to provide exceptional outdoor and spiritual adventures empowering kids of all ages.  Our Vision, inspired by our Catholic NEW Spiritual and Retreat Program Offeringstradition and commitment to the growth of people and faith, is to operate a world-class camp in a spectacular natural environment, inspire leadership, self-confidence and lifelong learning, and promote stewardship and appreciation of God’s gifts. The retreats program allows us to offer programs that help build participants faith.

Camp Ondessonk works closely with educators and group leaders to create a dynamic experiential curriculum providing participants with hands-on learning.  An Ondessonk Retreat experience promotes fellowship, leadership development, and belief development as well as creates a stronger connection to participants’ faith.  Our programs focus on the principles of interdependence, in particular, one’s relationship to God, as well as a relationship with the people and nature around them.  A retreat program at Ondessonk also promotes a student’s personal growth in the areas of knowledge, faith, and fellowship.

Our curriculum includes programs in faith and spiritual based activities, challenge activities, talks, and group discussion.  All programs are facilitated under the assumption that participants learn best through direct experience with opportunities for thoughtful guided reflection to follow.  Our activities also maximize the use of the natural environment, taking advantage of the unique outdoor opportunities that Camp Ondessonk’s location provides.


Options for Retreats: 

Walking Into ChapelSelf- Facilitated Retreats– Planning a retreat for your school, church, or group and would like a place that has fantastic space to hold your sessions and still enjoy the views of nature? Come to Camp Ondessonk for your retreat and use our facilities, you can choose to either make your meals or have our qualified food service team prepare meals for you so you can focus on the program. To see our facility options click here. If you would like to reserve space, please fill out our Group Reservation Form 2018 or call the Camp Ondessonk Office at 618-695-2489.

Ondessonk Facilitated Retreats – If you would like to have a retreat that is planned and facilitated for your group, including meals and programs, please fill out the Retreat Reservation Form 2018 or call the Camp Ondessonk Office at 618-695-2489. We have a wide variety of retreat offerings that will help your group grow in their faith and fellowship. For more information about our program offerings, look at the Retreat Program section of our Planning Packet.


Ondessonk Retreat Session Options: 

Session OutsideFaith and Spiritual Activities – These sessions will allow participants to have open dialogue with each other about their beliefs and also learn how to communicate their thoughts and actions, through activities that bring faith to life

Group Challenge – These sessions offer groups and individuals opportunities to learn new skills with each other and have friendly competition, growing in fellowship during the challengeRetreats Challenge Session

Adventure – These sessions allow participants to learn about struggling while having faith in each other and God

Talks, Meditations, and Discussions – These sessions give participants time to hear about other people’s experiences and to think about their own experiences. Some of these sessions also provide time to share about what the Church teaches and why certain things are the way they are


Retreat Reservation Form 2018

Waiver 2018

Rules and Regulations 

Camp Ondessonk Facility Map

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