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Ondessonk Rules and Regulations

Please read the following information pertaining to Camp Ondessonk’s policies, emergency procedures, Illinois state laws, and safety information.  These policies and guidelines ensure a safe and enjoyable visit for your group and other guests.   

Download a printable PDF version:   Camp Ondessonk Rules and Regulations


Check-in / Check-out:  Camp Office M-F 8am-5pm; Trading Post Friday 5-9pm and Saturday/Sunday 9am-Noon. Due to weekday guests, Lodging may not be available for check-in until 5pm Friday. St. Noel checkout Sunday 10am.

Emergency Procedures: Notify Office Staff during business hours or call On-Duty Staff (618) 759-1780. Staff are trained in CPR and First Aid, but guests are ultimately responsible for transportation to emergency care. Call 911 immediately. Nearest ambulance in Vienna, IL. Nearest ER in Harrisburg, IL or Marion, IL.

Waiver of Claim:  All guests regardless of age must sign a waiver. Parent/guardians must sign for minors.

Stewardship:  Destruction, defacement, or removal of any natural or historic feature is strictly prohibited. Leave wildlife alone. Outside firewood and cutting of any live or dead standing trees strictly prohibited. Collect only dead, down, and brown firewood. No glass containers of any kind. Put litter and recycling in its place.

Vehicles:  Cars may unload/load upon arrival/departure. One (1) vehicle per unit overnight for emergencies. Return all but one vehicle to parking lot. No riding in truck beds. No ATVs/side-by-sides. Obey one-ways and speed limits.

Lodging Areas:  No open flames, candles, tikis, gas stoves/lanterns, grills, etc. in cabins. Campfires only in designated fire pits, always supervised, and drenched before departing. Cabins/outhouses must be left in condition found upon arrival. No unnecessary discharge of fire extinguishers. Report existing damage to lodging upon arrival.

Fishing / Hunting / Biking / Boating / Swimming:  Fishing allowed only in Lake Echon, Kane Lake, Pine Lake, and Lake Antironta. No fishing in Lake St. Isaac. Anyone 16+ years old must possess an Illinois fishing license. No hunting allowed. Bicyclists must wear helmets and obey posted speed limits.  No boating or swimming without Camp Staff.

Quiet Hours:  11:00pm and 7:00am. Please be considerate of other guests!

Smoking, Alcohol, and Drug Use:  No smoking/vaping inside any structure. Alcohol only consumed by those 21+ in your reserved lodging and prohibited in activity areas, common areas, or while supervising children. Possession/consumption of cannabis and illegal drugs strictly prohibited and will result in eviction from Camp. Fournie Village is tobacco and alcohol-free.

Legal Concerns:  All local, state, and federal laws apply while at Camp Ondessonk; particularly underage drinking, illegal drug use, use of fireworks, removal of Native American artifacts, as well as hunting, fishing, and other conservation laws. Infractions may be referred to the Johnson County Sheriff at Camp’s discretion.

Supervision of Minors: All groups must have an adult age 25+. Minors under 16 must be supervised at all times. Adults should never be alone or out of auditory/visual range of others with unrelated minors. Use the “Rule of 3’s”.

Other Regulations:

  • Firearms, fireworks, and explosives of any kind are strictly prohibited.
  • No use of any Camp program areas or equipment without Camp Staff.
  • No entry into Kitchen, Maintenance Building, private residences, or other lodging units without invitation.
  • Do not pick up any snakes! Do not kill snakes at Camp Ondessonk. If bitten, seek medical care immediately.
  • Conduct thorough tick-checks and wash areas exposed to poison ivy daily.
  • No pets or personal horses allowed.

Catholic Diocese of Belleville, IL: Observe the values of the Catholic Church. Co-habitation only by married couples.

Equal Participation Opportunity: Participation is granted without regard to race, color, national origin, disability, military status, gender, religion, or creed.


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