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Volunteers Keep Camp Open for Generations

Handicrafts volunteerAt the very core of Camp Ondessonk‘s functionality is the passion and commitment exerted by volunteers who are dedicated to its preservation. Every summer and beyond, hundreds of volunteers donate their time and money to keep camp beautiful while ensuring it runs efficiently. During the summer, volunteers can spend their week anywhere from the Health Center to the Range, but one Camp-goer in particular, known as “The Boondoggle Queen,” has spent her summers in Handicrafts.

“As soon as I got the chance, I came running back. And even when I wasn’t coming back, I would dream at night about coming back, and then Lucia called me and said, ‘There’s a volunteer program,’ and now I’ve been volunteering for 25 years,” Peggy Hausmann said.

Lucia Hodges has been a member of the Camp Ondessonk community starting just a year after we opened our gates for the first time. She now spends her time as the Volunteer Coordinator:

“My favorite thing about being Volunteer Coordinator is being able to greet a new set of eager and helpful and fabulous people every week. Our volunteers have a strong inclination to want to spend time at Camp; they’re hooked. And, because they are hooked, they give their all when they’re here.”

Almost all of Camp Ondessonk’s original buildings were built and donated by volunteers, but they continue to make their mark in the modern day. Currently, several volunteers are working on finalizing the renovations of the Fournie Lodge, which is a project funded almost entirely by donations. Volunteers hope to wrap up the finishing touches soon so Camp Ondessonk can rent out the space and utilize it as another source of income to keep Camp open for years to come.

Learn how to apply to volunteer here!

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