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A Thank You to Camp’s Volunteer Farriers

Volunteer FarriersFor the past few months, Camp Ondessonk has had the gracious support from three volunteer farriers: Tom Young, Danny Clancy, and Keith Brennan. Tom was a camper parent, is a long-time Camp supporter and volunteer, and now serves on the Board of Directors. Danny and Keith were both former equestrian directors and have been long-time volunteers. Keith is also a current camper and LIT parent.

Every 6-7 weeks, the three volunteer farriers come to trim the herd of 50 horses’ hooves. There is a saying “no hoof, no horse” because mainVolunteer Farrierstaining foot health is very important for movement and the overall wellbeing of a horse. When hooves get too long, the hoof wall chips and cracks, which can hurt the horse, or it can lead to infections. Anything that weakens the wall or the sole, like unmaintained feet, make it easier for bacteria to invade the internal hoof structure, resulting in painful abscesses. In extreme cases of neglect, an untrimmed hoof can cause life-long damage. Needless to say, the work of the three volunteer farriers is imperative to the health of our herd.

Volunteer FarriersLate-August was the third time they came to Camp Ondessonk as a group, though Tom comes separately and has volunteered an additional time. Tom, Danny, and Keith have helped us cut the costs of horse care while still maintaining good health for the horse’s feet. Every time they come to volunteer, Camp saves between $1,250-$1,500. In times like these, that savings is crucial and truly helps us sustain our equestrian program. We are very grateful for them! Heepwah!

If you are interested in volunteering, the equestrian team needs help with barn maintenance, like weed whacking or power washing. Donations to help with feed and vet bills are also always appreciated. To continue supporting Camp Ondessonk, visit: ondessonk.com/giving/

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