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Camp O’s Virtual Homecoming Gala

Virtual Homecoming Gala

We’ve been working diligently since April of this year to plan the upcoming gala. When we began the planning process, the thought of a virtual gala, though it was on the table, was not “Plan A.”  We dreamed of getting together in-person in March and putting the memory of 2020 behind us. However, as we continue to follow the directives of the state’s elected officials, the health and safety of our community is our number one priority. Thus, we must reimagine our March 6, 2021, gala as an inclusive, virtual event. But please do not worry, because all roads lead home, even the virtual ones.

Rest assured we are planning, brainstorming, and creating what we hope is a virtual homecoming for many. Our staff and gala planning committee meet on a weekly basis to discuss ideas to bring a little bit of Ondessonk spirit to you this March 6, 2021. In a year where the success of our gala means more than any year before, we hope you support us and help make this gala a success.  

To learn more about our Virtual Homecoming Gala, visit: one.bidpal.net/campohomecominggala

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