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Campfires/Night Activities

The summer camp nightly activities (which have remained almost unaltered since opening in 1959) include:

On Sunday night, there is a mass in the grotto (all of camp meets in Le Coeur and processes down), usually said by the camp’s chaplain, Father Steven Beatty (but other priests visit as well, and sometimes the bishop!). There is a mass choir led by staff, and all participants are offered communion.

After the mass is the opening campfire, in which the staff members perform skits and lead songs for the campers as well as introduce themselves, tell where they are from, where they work at camp (activity areas, service areas) and their unit that week.

Monday nights are for Unit Campfires! All of the campers and staff for a given unit have a fire in their firepit at the unit, telling stories, singing songs, learning their unit’s cheers, and discussing the activities for the week ahead. Plus, marshmallows!

Guess when the Tuesday Night Game is played? This is an all-camp game of elaborate hide and seek, ending in a cheer off in the grotto!

Wednesday nights are for overnights! Click here to read more.

Thursday nights are the Lodge ceremony.  You can read about Lodge here.

Friday night is the closing campfire, in which the tables are turned and the campers perform skits and songs for the staff members, competing for points toward the Golden Arrowhead. Staff members lead songs in between, and then there are announcements of competition winners from the week. This is also where CITs graduate, staff members are given citations and promotions, and the campfire ends with the entire staff onstage singing The Our Father to the campers.

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