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New in 2021 Season

New in 2021What’s new in 2021? A new year means a new chapter for individuals and organizations. Camp Ondessonk is excited as we turn the page in our book to start writing the 2021 chapter. In this chapter we know there will be continued efforts to minimize risk to participants. In addition to minimizing risks, we plan to take steps towards increasing the quality and programming during our Outdoor Education programs. Our two largest changes in 2021 include 45-minute block additions, and the incorporation of a culminating activity at the end of each trip.

After an in-depth review of the Ondessonk Outdoor Education schedules, the education staff realized some activities do not need to always be 90 minutes. By shrinking some sessions to 45 minutes, it allows for the opportunity for more program selection for your students. If you enjoy the 90-minute blocks do not worry, we will provide the opportunity for select activities to still be 90 minutes with a more advanced skill development component, or to remain at 45 minutes for a brief introduction.

Camp Ondessonk has always been committed to providing programs that have affects at home and school following a class trip. Wishing to continue this commitment and provide a stronger finish to our programs, each Outdoor Education program will end with a small debrief activity and conversation about how to apply the whole trip back to everyday life. Through this transference, we are hopeful students can continue the lessons they learned even more. Activities for final debriefs include survivor challenge, leadership quadrants, and more. Each debrief activity is planned to meet the groups needs and what instructors have seen during the trip.

If you have not registered for your 2021 trip and still want to take advantage, contact Greg Santen, Guest Services Director, at 618-695-2489 ext. 129 or visit our website at https://ondessonk.com/year-round/outdoor-education/

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