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Meet Goldie, Camp’s Newest Horse

Meet Goldie Meet Goldie! Goldie is a Tennessee Walker, a popular breed in Southern Illinois, known for their size, height, sure-footedness, and smoothness. Their smoothness comes from their unique footfall pattern that was developed to travel over large spaces so a rider could glide along quickly and comfortably. Tennessee Walkers are now commonly used for showings where they do a flashy high-stepping gait, or for pleasure riding, especially on trails. Goldie will be the perfect travel companion in the Shawnee!

Goldie came to Camp Ondessonk by way of a friend of one of our wranglers. She and her donor, Hannah, grew up together. Goldie was Hannah’s first horse and helped teach her how to ride. Now Hannah, who owns and works with several horses, doesn’t have the same amount of time to devote to Goldie and Hannah thought she was too good to sit in a pasture. Plus, she wanted Goldie to be in a place where she could bless other kids the way they had always blessed Hannah.

Meet GoldieGoldie will complete a 30 days quarantine, which is Camp Ondessonk’s policy with all new horses so if they have a cold or other ailment, it won’t be introduced into the herd. After quarantine, the equestrian department will move her closer to the barn where she can meet the herd over a fence. Horses have a pecking order in their herd, which is established through a game they play called “whoever moves their feet first loses”. The game sometimes includes kicking and biting, so the equestrian department likes it to be done with a barrier between the horses to minimize potential injury. Next, Goldie will be given a buddy to live with who is already established in the herd. Luckily for Goldie, she already knows two horses in Camp’s herd because she was kept with them prior to their donation to Camp.

We’re so happy to have Goldie at Camp Ondessonk and can’t wait for the day when campers and Camp friends can ride her.

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