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Camp Ondessonk has a long tradition of sharing stories around the camp fire.

The Hummingbird Story

Long ago, before humans roamed the earth, it was always daylight and all the animals lived in peace. And so no one remembers why exactly they started fighting with each other. The Great Spirit was not pleased at all, and tried to talk to the animals to stop them from fighting. The animals were so loud and causing such a ruckus, they didn’t even hear the Great Spirit giving them good advice.

Very angry, the Great Spirit threw a blanket across the sky and thus it was now dark all the time. The animals went into despair and put away their petty fighting that no one knew the cause of anyway.

The animals held counsel and were trying to come up with a solution to the problem. First the bear with mighty paws said I am strongest and I will rip down this blanket. Bear climbed to the highest mountain and jumped as high as possible and could only swipe at the blanket, making a huge streak across the sky. The bear fell down the mountain, defeated.

The animals kept arguing who would go next. The little hummingbird offered, but everyone ignored such a little animal. The vulture decided to try and flew up with a beautiful head of feathers that poked a hole in the blanket. Vulture came down screaming as the sun has burned all those beautiful feathers right off.

The animals continued to argue and the hummingbird snuck away, gathering as much might as a hummingbird can, flying fast all the way up to the sky. Hummingbird poked and poked that tiny beak through the blanket and light shined through, on and on and on, finally falling back in exhaustion. The animals gathered around the little hummingbird and were saddened that they bickered and bickered and here the smallest yet mightiest of them all just went and tried to do their best.

The Great Spirit was pleased and told the animals that light would return to the world but, the blanket would go back on every day at the end to remind them to not fight. This created night and day. The bear’s swipe can be seen in the Milky Way, the vulture’s hole is now the moon, and the hummingbird left the greatest gift of all; stars!

Jason Valentine presents: The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

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