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Giving Back

Ursula and Brian Sedlak

Ursula and Brian Sedlak

The 1970s – such an iconic decade!  It was especially true for Ursula Piotrowski Sedlak, because when she was in the third grade, her world changed as she was introduced to her home away from home – Camp Ondessonk. 

Her experiences at Camp Ondessonk has helped define who she is as a person today.  Homelife was a challenge, but Ursula was dealt a significant blow with the death of her parents right after high school.  But for all the difficulties she experienced, she knew that Camp was her refuge – her safe place where she could be herself and know that she would be accepted and not judged. Coming “home” to Camp each summer was a lifesaver. 

After her CIT year, Ursula became a staff member through the early 1980s. Working as a counselor, she wanted to give campers what she experienced as a camper.  As her counselors had done for her, she wanted to give that same unconditional acceptance to her campers, offering a loving, warm place where they felt safe to be themselves.

Once married, life took over, and she was not able to return to Camp for some years. Then her children became old enough to go to Camp Ondessonk.  Her experience at her first Mother-Daughter Weekend with her daughter, Emily, felt like the very first time she had stepped across the covered bridge as a camper.  The wonder and love returned immediately.  She then volunteered the first year that Emily, and son, Matthew, were campers.  Matthew has followed in Ursula’s footsteps and also considers Camp his second home.

As a volunteer, Ursula’s eyes were opened wide to the needs Camp has on an ongoing basis, and how important it is to give back to the place that gave her so much.  When she was able, Ursula began giving back financially – because of the life-changing experiences not only she has had at Camp, but for those who will continue to experience all that Camp has to offer.

Being involved as a volunteer and a donor gives Ursula the satisfaction that she is part of the tradition of Camp Ondessonk. She is a member of the Campfire Circle monthly giving program so that she can help where Camp needs it the most.  Camp will know that her investment is continuous and they can rely on that monthly gift no matter what difficulties might arise – like COVID-19. 

If you are able, Ursula asks that you consider giving an amount of your choice monthly to the Campfire Circle.  Just think of all the positive ways Camp Ondessonk has helped shape your life. You can make that happen for a child today!

Click here to become a member of the Campfire Circle.

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