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Lodge Tribes

Lodge Tribes

Camp Ondessonk Lodge MembersAs an organization, Lodge is broken up geographically into Tribes (formerly termed Clans). These Lodge Tribes act as individual groups to better serve their communities and Camp Ondessonk. They too have Officials that oversee all the happenings within their Tribe, while also directly reporting to the Lodge Officials. If you have any interest in finding which Tribe you belong to or getting involved with your Tribe, please see their contact information below.




Lodge Officials

  • Chief: Trent Oelrich
  • Princess: Anna Spoerre
  • Sub-Chief: Patrick Oster
  • Sub-Princess: Jess Sanders

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  • Chief: Andrew Derby
  • Princess: Jess Donvito
  • Sub-Chief: Clay Sanford
  • Sub-Princess: Skyler Imhoff

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Metro East

  • Chief: Jake Sommers
  • Princess: Lauren Fox
  • Sub-Chief: Michael Sigillito
  • Sub-Princess: Kelsey Pfeil

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Clinton County

  • Chief: Adam Seger
  • Princess: Madeline Gehrig
  • Sub-Chief: Matt Woods
  • Sub-Princess: Audra Beckemeyer

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  • Chief: Sam Talbert
  • Princess: Melanie Galleher
  • Sub-Chief: Will Talbert
  • Sub-Princess: Claire Talbert

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  • Chief:
  • Princess: Isabelle Linn
  • Sub-Chief:
  • Sub-Princess: Grace Herr

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  • Chief: Donovan Hammer
  • Princess: Abigail Finney
  • Sub-Chief:
  • Sub-Princess: Kelly Kennedy

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  • Chief: Tyler Shekleton
  • Princess: Delaney Gebhardt
  • Sub-Chief: Sam Coats
  • Sub-Princess:Megan Kreppert

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Chicago Tribe

  • Chief:  Patrick Nielsen
  • Princess: Stephanie Lysy
  • Sub-Chief: Creighton Budris
  • Sub-Princess: Eileen Cook

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Contact: lodge@ondessonk.com

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