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Friends of Camp

Friends of Camp Ondessonk give thousands of hours of their time and talent, and a wealth of support in the form of gifts-in-kind and monetary gifts. Some call it “Camp Magic” ….some say “It’s just what we do!” ….we call it a blessing. Camp Ondessonk thrives because of our friends and family.


If you would like to become a Friend of Camp, please join us in one of the following areas:



For more information on volunteering, please visit ondessonk.com/volunteer


Camp Ondessonk VolunteerFor fifty-five years, Camp Ondessonk has been blessed with strong support from thousands of volunteers. Ondessonk volunteers come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. Some have qualifications for a specific job; others are motivated by a simple desire to serve. Volunteers have the opportunity to be a camper’s hero by contributing to the organization. Further, volunteers often create strong bonds of friendship through shared experiences with staff members and other volunteers.


Donate Now

Donate Now, donate, giving, gift, support, stewardshipSince the beginning, generations of Camp Friends donate their TIME, TALENT and TREASURE, allowing us to offer the superior programs and facilities that open the doors to a lifetime of opportunity. Your stewardship gifts can help us achieve our vision of becoming the world’s best youth camp!

There are three ways to make a cash gift:


1.  Donate Now Online:  Click here to donate online or sign up for the Monthly Giving Program.


2.  Donate Now by Phone: Credit card gifts may be made via a phone call to Camp Ondessonk at 618-695-2489. When making a gift by phone, please be prepared with:

    • the name on the credit card and whether it is a personal or corporate card
    • the card’s account number
    • the billing address for the credit card
    • the card’s expiration date
    • the amount of the gift
    • the gift’s designation (where you want the gift to be used)


3. Print out the Camp Ondessonk Donation Form and then mail the form with your gift to:

Camp Ondessonk
3760 Ondessonk Road
Ozark, IL 62972


Ondessonk Builders and Founders

Ondessonk Builders and Founders, Builders, Founders, donate, time, talent, treasureOndessonk Builders and Founders are friends whose significant investment of time, talent and treasure ensure that many more generations of campers can enjoy God’s creation.

Ondessonk Builders are volunteers who generously contribute 100 hours or more of their time and talent to Camp annually. This program began in 2013, and membership is renewed every year. Friends can log volunteer hours at Camp and/or with service opportunities outside Camp that are coordinated by Camp’s staff. Volunteers must fulfill Camp Ondessonk’s volunteer program requirements.

Ondessonk Founders are supporters who generously give $1,000 or more annually to Camp Ondessonk, in the form of cash gifts or (beginning in 2013) gifts-in-kind, or a combination of the two. This program began in October 2012, and membership is renewed every year. You may make any gift according to your wishes – either as an unrestricted gift or as a restricted gift that is aligned with your special interest.

Become and Ondessonk Founder! Donate Now.


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