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Becoming a Lifetime Lodge Member

Lifetime Lodge MemberBy: Chris Cahnovsky

I was elected to the Lodge of Ondessonk as a camper in the 1970s.  I could not wait for the next summer to wear my sash at inspection.  As I got older, Lodge became more than just a sash.  I became active in the Belleville Lodge of Ondessonk group where I became the local Lodge Chief and was later elected as Sub Lodge Chief.  I had the privilege of participating in Lodge ceremonies for eight summers.  However, with college graduation and a full-time job, eventually I was no longer able to be active in Lodge. 

Over the next twenty plus years, I sporadically paid my Lodge dues.  I recently became reengaged with the Lodge of Ondessonk & Tekakwitha.  I see all the positive things that Lodge is doing at Camp, in their communities and churches.  All these years I have considered myself a Lodge member but have not supported the Lodge financially.  With a Lifetime Membership I can financially support Lodge in a meaningful way.  While I am no longer able to jump through a hoop of fire or twirl a fire stick, I can still be part of it by making sure the Loyal Lodge of Ondessonk & Tekakwitha is viable for generations to come.  I believe Lodge needs to be a part of Camp to build future counselors and leaders within our Church family.  Being a Lifetime Lodge Member is my way of making a significant contribution to the future of Lodge. 

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