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Adventure is Out There, at Ondessonk and Beyond

AdventureSome of Camp Ondessonk‘s most popular programming is our week long Traditional Camp, but there are several hidden gems that campers can sign up for known as our Adventure Camps. These programs include Horse Adventure, Hike, Bike, Paddle & Climb, Mammoth Adventure, Camper vs. Wild, Shawnee Backpack & Zip Line Adventure, Surfing Adventure and Climbing Adventure.

“Adventure is a really special program; it’s a very small group of campers and you get to know each other a lot better. You get to know each other in a different way than you would in a Traditional Unit; you connect on a lot deeper of a level. You also get to explore different parts of yourself and different interests in yourself that you wouldn’t get to in Traditional, so whether that be horses or survival skills or mountain biking or climbing, you get to really connect with that interest and share it with other people,” said Adventure Unit Leader Ellie Bretscher.

Regardless of which program you pick, you’ll find yourself in a fully-fledged immersive experience. This week’s Adventure Program was Camper vs Wild, which Ellie described:

“We’re really focusing on primitive skills. We take these kids out to Pine Lake, which is our primitive camping site at Camp Ondessonk, and we just kind of teach them how to survive in the woods. Yesterday was all about packing backpacks and learning about Leave No Trace skills, some team building; Today we have Mark Denzer, he’s a survivalist that’s out here teaching us all about the skills that our ancestors used to survive in the woods, like bow drills and cooking food and foraging.”

These programs provide a unique getaway from Ondessonk’s traditional programming, and with a variety to choose from, it’s difficult to find one not suited for your camper. Check out the video below for more information and check out our website page.

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