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2016 Camp O Project List

The following 2016 Camp O Project List items are slated for completion in 2016 if funding allows. Preliminary cost estimates, some of which may change, are listed. Our hope is that these projects will be completed with a double dose of “Camp Magic” – first, in the form of generous cash or in-kind gifts; and secondly, with the help of our skilled and devoted volunteers. Please contact Dan King or our staff to learn the status of each project/program

Download a PDF of the entire 2016 Camp O Project Listing


Lalemant Catwalks $1,500 

The catwalk decks are in good shape but the poles need to be replaced before Summer Camp 2016 begins.

 Tekakwitha Remodel $5,000

Tekakwitha remodeling to accommodate Mini Camp overflow and provide our school-year guests with an improved camping experience. Improvements include: rebuilt bunks, new doors, interior painting,and flooring work.

 Handicrafts Shelter Remodel $5,000

This renovation will improve storage and workspace for our summer campers and staff, including installation of a three-compartment sink, a new counter, and remodeling or replacing the storage shed.

 Ornamental Timber Replacement $1,000

For cabin fronts in Brebeuf, Amantacha and Raganeau

Paint for 4 units $3,000



HVAC Replacement in St. Noel building $10,000

Part of a multi-year strategy initiated in 2015, two inefficient HVAC units are scheduled for replacement in 2016. Estimated project payback period is five to seven years.

 Retrofit St. Noel Room #1114 to be ADA compliant $5,000

In response to ever-increasing demand AND the Americans with Disabilities Act, we are retrofitting existing visitor facilities and planning new spaces that are ADA compliant. St. Noel Room #1114 will be remodeled with wider access doors, hard flooring and accessible bath/shower facilities.

 Solar Shades for 52 Window in St. Noel $8,000

This improvement will save Camp a significant amount in annual heating and cooling costs, and provide a nicer guest experience.

 Staff Lounge Furnace Replacement $4,500

The staff lounge (old Administration Building) currently has two furnaces. One is inoperable and one in need of critical repairs. Project payback period is 3 – 5 years. Completion of project will make building available for four-season programming and rental use



Purchase/donated horse hauling truck $10,000

We have a need for a dependable, used, well-maintained pick-up truck to haul the horse trailer and harvested hay. Either a donated vehicle or  cash to purchase is appreciated.

Stables repairs and replacement $4,000

The fence around the Old Stable Corral, used mainly for quarantine, is leaning and rotting. We would like to replace it with an aesthetically-pleasing and functional treated lumber fence.

 Equestrian Tack and Supplies $4,700

  • Troxel Sport Riding Helmets. We need 10 smalls, 10 mediums, and 5 extra smalls in black or white to replace helmets that have reached their expiration date. Cost: $27 and $35 each.
  • Quest Plus De-wormer Gel by Pfizer. Cost: $11.50 to $13 per tube. We go through 210-280 per year. This de-wormer, recommended by our vet, is important to the health of our horses as it removes internal parasites.
  • Farnam Repel Xp Emulsifiable Fly Spray Concentrate. This fly spray is great at repelling pests that pose disease risks to our horses and cause discomfort to horse and rider. Cost: $32 for 32 oz or $90-$115 per gallon.
  • Fiebing’s 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil Natural Leather Preservative. Cost: $7 for
    16oz or $9.50 for 32oz. And/or Fiebing’s Yellow Saddle Soap. Cost: 8oz tin $3.50,
    12oz tin $6.49. Leather care is an important component to ensure the quality
    and longevity of our saddles and bridles.

(Please note that camp’s wholesale suppliers often charge much less than retailers open to the general public. Therefore, we encourage you to consider making cash gifts to help cover equestrian tack and supplies.)

Equestrian Small Projects $2,000

Improvements to arena and round pen footing (lime and sand), repair and restore the equipment shed at the end of the driveway to the stables, and fence repairs and replacements.

Challenge Course Additions $10,000

Four new elements will be integrated into the existing climbing wall and zip line complex. The innovative design will enhance Camp Ondessonk’s ability to provide meaningful leadership development and group growth experiences to summer campers and outdoor education students.

 Canoe and Kayak Replacement $5,000

Starting in 2016, we would like to begin replacing our 25 year-old fleet of canoes. Likewise, new kayaks will be added in an effort to improve the experience of our campers. This is a multi-year project, and we hope to purchase 4 canoes ($1,000 each) and 2 kayaks ($500 each) annually until our watercraft fleet is completely updated.




We are deeply grateful for every gift, big and small. Unrestricted gifts allow us the flexibility to use
your gift where is it most needed over the course of the year, saving us operating costs in the long run.



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